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Spring into Self-care

I think we all have been bombarded with the phrase “self-care.” Especially in the last few years, we are told self-care comes in the form of baths, pedicures, and face masks. While all this is true (and essential), I encourage you to ask yourself what will fill YOUR cup up. I think we are often infatuated with the constant “things” marketed as relaxing and fulfilling. While gua sha tools and massage guns are true blessings, I encourage you to also step back and find bliss in the non-thing things.

Here are some of my top self care practices as we enter Spring time:

  1. Walks on the sand. Indulge in the noises, the feeling of sand on your feet, and sun on your skin.
  2. Eat foods that are light and warming. Leaving winter and heavy soups/casseroles behind, start to favor foods that are pungent and encourage a digestive fire (I love onions and garlic especially).
  3. Revive a hobby that you once loved. After the stagnation and hibernation of winter months, now is the time to be preemptive.
  4. Stretch. Lengthen the areas that feel sticky from stagnation.
  5. Most importantly, practice gratitude. It is truly the best form of self-care we can practice.

I hope these inspire you to take care of yourselves. Comment below any self-care practices you swear by.

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