WTHN Gold Ear Seed Kit - ESO - Live Well

WTHN Gold Ear Seed Kit


Support For:
  • Stress relief*
  • Hormone balance* 
  • Digestion support*
  • Improved sleep*
  • Pain reduction*
  • Immune system support*
  • Migraine relief*
  • Chronic pain relief*
  • Weight loss*
  • Low back pain relief*

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Ear seeds carry a deep legacy in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a wellness tool used to reduce stress, relieve pain, restore hormonal balance and more. Don’t have time to come in for an acupuncture treatment? Ear seeds are an amazing way to get the same benefits at home. Place these tiny adhesive beads on various acupressure points (also known as acupuncture points) to stimulate relief and promote overall wellness. Remove ear seeds after 3-5 days and reapply weekly. 


  • 40 Gold Ear Seeds (24k gold-plated on stainless steel base)
  • Gold WTHN tweezers for easy application to acupressure/acupuncture points
  • 100% latex free medical grade adhesive
  • How-To Guide including key acupressure/acupuncture points


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