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At ESO, we have multiple ways for you to deepen your Pilates practice.

We specialize in Pilates privates and have a variety of beautiful equipment to utilize. Wether it be 1-1, a duet, or small group, our teachers provide the hands on attention you need to feel lasting results. After a session at ESO, your practice will never be the same.

PIlates Services and Descriptions

Private Pilates

Private Pilates instruction is tailored to your specific needs and goals, is highly effective, and (most importantly) is super fun! We bring out the good stuff: a variety of equipment including Allegro 2 Reformer with Tower and Infinity Bar, Core Align, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, MOTR, and Pilates Springboards.A private Pilates class teaches you how to deeply engage your muscles and breath in ways that can be difficult to achieve without such individualized attention.

Shape & Tone

This is our signature ESO group class! A full-body workout with an emphasis on the core, the breath, and precision movement that will leave you sweating! Shape & Tone combines elements of Pilates mat, yoga, cardio, and body weight exercises using all the goodies (Pilates rings and balls, ankle and wrist weights, 3 lb free weights, thera-bands, infinity bands, and more). Exercises are designed to enhance core strength, including the deep stabilizing muscles of the region and the pelvic floor. The work is deep, focused, and connected. It will leave you feeling leaner, stronger, and longer, moving with much more ease and comfort, enhancing your everyday living and athletic performance. Each class begins and ends mindfully, so don’t be surprised when class ends with savasana. It’s like the cherry on top! This class is offered VIRTUALLY via our ESO Anytime monthly subscription or a great option for small private groups.

Pilates Springboard

This class is a total body workout! Pilates Springboard provides the challenges of the Pilates Cadillac but in a Pilates mat setting. In this class you will build strength and flexibility by performing a combination of Pilates Tower, Pilates mat, and yoga movements in coordination with your breath. You will improve flexibility and increase muscle strength and tone, particularly of your abdominal muscles, lower back, hips, and buttocks. All levels welcome. We currently offer this class in private or semi-private options.

PricingPrivate Sessions


Pilates Privates

Pilates Private Session$130
Pilates Private – 4 pack with Vas $460/ $115 per session
Pilates Private – 8 pack with Vas $840/ $105 per session
Pilates for Therapeutic Movement with Dr. Kelly, initial evaluation$200
Pilates for Therapeutic Movement with Dr. Kelly, follow up sessions$150
4 pack of privates expires after 1 month, 8 pack expires after 60 days, 12 pack expires after 90 days

Booking Private sessions

To inquire about private Pilates instruction, to book a small group Shape and Tone class, or semi-private Springboard class, please contact us via this form:

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