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Group Classes

Enjoy an intimate experience with your community at ESO . Can’t make it to the studio?
Enjoy ESO Anytime, our virtual on demand library.

Group Classes at ESO

At ESO, all group classes are small and intimate by nature with a maximum of 6 clients per class (in studio). Teachers know their clients and students know each other.

With this format our teachers are able to give hands on attention and guidance to all of our clients while providing a comfortable and safe environment suitable for all ages and demographics. Over time, teachers and clients are able to build and grow trusting relationships based on the shared desire to learn and grow. Instruction is precise, thoughtful, and delivered with compassion as we understand that your mat can be a very vulnerable place. So come join us and elevate your mind, body, and spirit.

Group Class Pricing

All Levels Yoga – 55 minutes

This type of yoga practice builds strength and vigor with an emphasis on breath, technique, and safe movement to enhance every day movement patterns. You can expect to sweat, breath, build body awareness, and strengthen the connection between your mind, body, and spirit. Modifications are always an option, however please be sure to check the level of the class prior to enrolling. Props such as bolsters, blocks, straps, and blankets are available for use in all classes.

Pre and Post Natal Pilates Mat – 55 minutes

Welcome mammas! This class is great for anybody looking to strengthen, stretch, align, and move safely in their body pre and post partum. Dr. Kelly, our resident PT, teaches this class and is a mamma herself ensuring that you are in good hands. Her knowledge of the body and her experience make this a must class in the OC area for all moms. Babies are welcome!

Shape & Tone – 45 minutes

This is our signature ESO class: A full-body workout with an emphasis on the core, the breath, and precision movement that will leave you sweating! Shape & Tone combines elements of Pilates mat, yoga, cardio, and body weight exercises using all the goodies (Pilates rings and balls, ankle and wrist weights, 3 lb free weights, thera-bands, infinity bands, and more). Exercises are designed to enhance core strength, including the deep stabilizing muscles of the region and the pelvic floor. The work is deep, focused, and connected. It will leave you feeling leaner, stronger, and longer, moving with much more ease and comfort, enhancing your everyday living and athletic performance. Each class begins and ends mindfully, so don’t be surprised when class ends with savasana. It’s like the cherry on top.

Group Class Pricing

ESO Group Classes (includes Shape & Tone, All Levels Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Pilates):

Drop In – Studio $35
10 Class Card$300
Beach Classes Donation Based
ESO Anytime – 30 Minutes or Less$39 monthly subscription for ESO on Demand
No refunds on packages. Packages expire after 90 days. ESO Anytime is our new on demand platform where you can access classes from our virtual library anytime and anywhere. Class librarie offers Shape and Tone, “The Body” Mobility and Movement, Mediation, yoga, and Pilates mat.