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What is ESO Anytime?

ESO Anytime is our new virtual platform, home to ALL of our virtual on demand classes.

A Subscription to ESO Anytime provides you with access to an intimate, high-quality ESO experience, anytime, anywhere. We offer two tiers of subscription. Your monthly subscription gets you access to on demand library and new weekly movement classes with Vas and ESO’s professional team of guest experts. As a subscriber you will also receive the following perks:

ESO Any time on the go – 30 Minutes or less:

  • 2 week FREE trial
  • Monthly subscription $39 per month, cancel anytime
  • New classes added to your library every month

Your ESO Anytime Subscription library includes the following class styles:

  • Shape & Tone (Vas’s signature class combining yoga, Pilates mat, cardio, and strength training.)
  • Vinyasa
  • Gentle yoga
  • Guided Meditation
  • Stretch and Restore (Including “The Body” Mobility and Movement, breathwork, restorative yoga, mobility work, and stretching.)

ESO Anytime allows you to find the peace, health, and well-being you’ve been searching for. Join us!

Give yourself the gift of a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Meet Vas

eso anytime vas kypreos

Vas Kypreos

ESO Owner/Founder Yoga, Pilates, Holistic Nutrition

Vas strives to bring wellness to her community, family, and friends and offers the nurturing support needed to make transformational changes. She teaches and coaches with love, support, and enthusiasm with a commitment to seeing her clients and students succeed and grow. Her joy comes from sharing her knowledge and experience with her community and watching those around her LIVE WELL with joy, health, and happiness.

In movement, Vas’s students enjoy her clear and concise cues that come from years of experience in working with students as well as mentors. She takes the guessing game our of your at home workouts by delivering cues that actually make sense. After a few weeks of taking Vas’s virtual classes, you’ll build strength, flexibility, confidence, and body awareness. Before you know it, you’ll be touching your toes and holding planks like no big thing.

Vas has an MBA, is a certified yoga and Pilates teacher, certified Reiki practitioner, and is a certified Holistic Health Coach. Vas currently lives in Huntington Beach with her husband Josh and their two pups, Cocco and Duke.