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Team Vas

We are super excited to bring back an organization that is very special to our owner and founder, Vas Priebe. In 2008, 1 year after her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis, Vas decided to join in on the MS Society’s Annual Walk in Southern California. Each walk was comprised of multiple teams ranging from regular people to big organizations like Wells Fargo. Team Vas walked for 10 years, had hundreds of donors, and has raised more than $150k over the 10 years we walked together. It was an amazing experience!

While we enjoyed walking with all of our family, friends, and fellow MS warriors, Vas felt that she needed to make a change, she felt called to do something different, something that would be more direct. She wanted to see and meet the people that she was helping, she wanted to support them in the same way that she had been supported by her family all these years. She knew how important health and wellness were to her recovery, not only after relapses, but also to help PREVENT them. She wanted to share THIS gift with those struggling. She wanted to make wellness more accessible… and this vision was the birth of Team Vas TODAY, a stand alone organization established to raise funds for wellness services for those suffering with MS or with any autoimmune disease.

As we all know, wellness isn’t cheap. It’s in fact very expensive and creates financial barriers for those that are suffering to get the help that they need. Vas dreamt of helping people directly and now this organization gives her the opportunity to do so. Proceeds go towards mini grants that help those suffering. We grant anything from yoga, pilates, meditation, health coaching, acupuncture, and more! You don’t need to be local, we can help anyone in the United States.

If you know anybody that could use support, guidance, and financial assistance, please send them our way!

If you’d like to partner with Team Vas in an event, please email

To participate you can join our WEEKLY BEACH YOGA CLASS, all levels welcome! We meet every Saturday through the end of June at TOWER 28 in NEWPORT BEACH, CA. More info here.

Today, we are happy to announce that Team Vas is back in action with a whole new mission: Our Mission is to offer micro grants to those in need. We’d like to offer actual services, tools, and resources to those suffering from MS so that we can be a part of their journey and support these folks in a very meaningful way.

Join The Team

It’s easy to join and participate! If you are simply looking to donate to this great cause, please feel free! If you are someone who has been effected by Multiple Sclerosis or if you know someone that has been effected and could use financial assistance and support to get health services, please reach out! You can email

We look forward to more events, more connection, and ultimately, more love for all of those suffering from this difficult disease.