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About ESO


ESO Live Well is a wellness collective in Newport Beach, CA offering services that heal the mind, body, and spirit. Our collective is made up of individual well-preneurers including movement teachers, doctors, coaches, and mentors who use a variety of holistic healing modalities including yoga, meditation, Pilates, physical therapy, nutrition, sound, and energy work to help clients on their path to wellness.

We specialize in private services, intimate group classes, workshops, and retreats. Together as a collective we are able to help clients achieve their goals, not only through offering a variety of services, but by collaborating together as team to best support the needs of each individual client.


Our passion lies in teaching and education and stems from a love of the whole human: body, mind, and spirit. We see the beauty and the connection of these three elements; how intricate and individual your anatomy is, the effects and power of your mind, and how the subtle and beautiful energy of your spirit lives within and around you.

Through precision instruction, a strong understanding of the human body, and the connection to the mind and spirit, we are able to offer our clients an approach that relieves their stress, pain, and discomfort, while empowering clients to live more confidently and joyfully in their bodies and lives.

Above all, we respect and understand that healing takes time and patience. Unfortunately, there is no “quick fix” to regaining strength, health, and overall wellness, but there is a path and journey that is available to ALL! ESO is here to support you along the way, however long that may be, because we know there is no rushing to the healing process. We believe in change over time, compassion, and commitment and are dedicated to supporting clients through their own unique process.

The Collective


Owner and Founder of ESO Live Well, Yoga, Pilates, Holistic Health

Vas is dedicated to fostering wellness within her community, family, and friends, providing the compassionate guidance necessary for meaningful transformations. Her teaching and coaching approach is infused with love, encouragement, and unwavering enthusiasm, rooted in a deep commitment to the growth and success of her clients and students. With an MBA, certifications as a yoga and Pilates instructor, and as a Holistic Health Coach, Vas resides in Huntington Beach, channeling her passion into helping those around her embrace lives filled with joy, health, and contentment.

Her teaching style combines her background as a gymnast, yoga teacher, and Pilates instructor. Vas employs a unique teaching style that enables students to truly connect with their bodies. Her cues are meticulously crafted, evoking a sense of embodiment rather than just a final pose. Vas prioritizes comprehension over complex anatomy, ensuring students grasp not just the “how” but the “why” behind each movement. This approach empowers students to experience yoga poses with a newfound clarity and comfort. As a result of Vas’s classes, students depart feeling a harmonious sense of well-being—mind, body, and soul—imbued with the gratification of a transformative session.Introducing Vas Kypreos, the resilient force behind ESO Live Well. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 24, she’s spent the last 16 years not just overcoming, but thriving. As the Owner and Founder, Vas is on a mission to spread wellness and joy.

Vas is now venturing into the space of Substack. “The Vibrant Life with Vas” is your go-to source for straightforward and honest insights on health and wellness. Say goodbye to the confusion and misinformation in the wellness world. Vas is here to simplify and guide you through the wealth of information so you can embrace a healthier, more joyful life. No more overwhelm – just practical advice and
and learning to find the fun in making choices for your most vibrant self!

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Owner of MK Roots Wellness; Physical Therapist and Nutritionist, Pilates and yoga

Dr. Megan Kelly has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, a Masters in Holistic Nutrition, and teaches yoga and pilates. Her goal is to bring people the tools they need in order to build healthy habits and ultimately live a balanced, well-rounded lifestyle. She enjoys creating a positive and encouraging environment around exercise, movement, nutrition, and mindfulness. When she is not teaching, you can usually find Dr. Kelly in the kitchen cooking or on the beach with her husband, daughter Inez, and Maya, her pup. 

To book with Dr. Kelly email mkrootswellness.com

Abbie Bear

Yoga and Mobility Instructor

in 2011, Abbie discovered the world of yoga, which proved to be a transformative experience during a period of personal uncertainty. Yoga became her guiding light and provided her with a sense of purpose. Over the past eight years, Abbie has been privileged to teach a diverse range of individuals from various walks of life. She continues to marvel at the practice’s unique blend of strength and grace.
With a background in Kinesiology, Abbie’s teaching style emphasizes anatomical understanding, seamlessly integrating the mental and emotional aspects of yoga

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Kelli Heald

Mindfulness and Meditation Guide

Kelli is a certified Mindfulness/Meditation Guide. Her passion for meditation was not something she could have ever predicted but her life story took her down a path that led her here. In 2015, her husband of 25 years died from a rare blood disorder. Kelli believes that learning how to connect to the present moment and her new ability to listen to her inner guide was transformative and played an integral role in her healing journey.
She trained to be a Meditation Guide so she can share the gifts her practice has given her, whether someone has suffered a loss or is just trying to navigate the challenges of life. She has many different offerings because she wants to be able to connect with as many people as possible. Her offerings include one on one private guided meditations, group classes, online meditation trainings, access to her library of meditations, retreats and corporate events.

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Jeni Tyler

Massage Therapist

Jeni has been in the healing arts for over 25 years. She is a certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, graduating from the National Holistic Institute (NHI) in Sacramento and is trained in Zen Shiatsu from NHI and the Ohashiatsu Institute in Chicago.  Jeni blends a strong foundation of Acupressure and Meridian work with Swedish and Deep Tissue, offering a unique therapy rich in the ancient healing arts and modern kinesiology.  Jeni also offers Lymphatic Facilitation, Pre and Post-Natal, Sports Massage, gentle massage for infants, children and teens, plus Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy for chronic and acute conditions.  Jeni also loves working with animals and is a certified Animal Acupressure Massage Therapist for Equine, Canine and Feline clients and anything else with four-legs, feathers and scales.  Jeni feels blessed to be a part of Eso LiveWell and is grateful to offer her talents to Eso’s devoted clientele and the Newport Beach community. 

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